Our dogs


Bernerberries Bali Bartholomew jr

Reg.nr NO40568/12

Born 6/2-2012

HD - A  (free)

AD (ED) - A (free)

Bart is a gentle boy and Belle's brother. Always happy and lively og very aware in training. When he's very happy he jumps really high. 

Pictures of Bart


Apoletano's Fiona Frank

Reg.nr. 03949/08

Born 30/12-2007

HD - B   (free)

AD (ED) - A (free)

Fiona is the mother of Alpha, Bali and Cirka litters. She is a sweet dog and happy for visitors. As a mother she has been really caring.


Show results:

BOS puppy

Certificat Quality

Prize of honour


Pictures of Fiona


Bernerberries Alpha Aurora

Reg.nr. NO46154/10

Born 27/4-2010

HD - A  (free)

AD (ED) - A (free)

Aurora is the mother of Digi litter, and very much like her mother Fiona. She is the best baby sitter and calm tempers if it gets to high.

Aurora is the mother of Digi litter.

Show results:

VG open class, 3rd place

Pictures of Aurora



Apoletano's Rita

Reg.nr. NO43501/11

Born 8/5-2011

HD  - C (light)

AD (ED) - A (free)

Rita don't mind stealing food from the kitchen counter no matter how close we are. She loves to sleep on the sofa and loves to be cuddled.

Pictures of Rita


Bernerberries Bali Belle

Reg.nr. NO40569/12

Born 6.2.2012

HD - A  (free)

AD (ED) - A (free)



Belle is a sweet little girl and Bart's brother. She is eager and ready for new things at all times, yet is ready for a good cuddle time at night. 

Pictures of Belle



Storfotens Super Villemo

Reg.nr. NO42404/09

Born 18/03-2009




Villemo, a little Welsh Corgi Pembroke, likes to think she is a Berner. Her favorite position is to lie on her back and get a real belly rub.  She is a real diva and have specific opinions and speaks loudly if something does not suit her.

Pictures of Villemo